Website Development

Design Master is a full service web development company in Johannesburg that specializes in unique eye catching website design. Clients come to us when they need to stand out from their competitors. We understand that our clients are in a high stakes race to deliver a better product or service than their competitors and we help them to accomplish this by creating a unique and personalized image on the web that sets them apart from all the other competitors.

Many business owners think that creating a web site is too difficult to keep up to date or many believe it to be an unneeded expense. At Design Master we eliminate all those problems by offering content updates or CMS websites at an affordable and competitive price. And with the leading type of advertising being the web having your own personal website could not be more important.

A website has many facts:

  • It can allow you to reach new markets and realize your dream of global presence.
  • It can simply help you retain your present customers by providing them easy access to your products or services.
  • It can act as an advertisement and familiarize new clients with your business or generate its own income as an online business.
  • It can act as a meeting place, a resource for your clients and help in building brand loyalty.

Our Web Design Process

1. Initial Consultation
Design Master Account Executives meet with each client to define the scope of the project and explore the client's vision and goals. A project questionnaire is then completed by the client to offer additional insight to the creative team.

2. Custom Web Design
Design Master offers 1-3 custom graphic user interfaces (GUIs) developed by the creative team. Designers draw inspiration from the client's logo, marketing colour palette, mission, vision, and comments from the completed creative brief.

3. Content Integration / Customization
Once the GUI has been approved, Design Master begins building the website using content supplied by the client, or our professional copywriter. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used to maintain consistency throughout the site and to ensure ease of maintenance in the future. Additional functionality and customizations are implemented at this time, including flash animation, dropdown menus, interactive photo galleries, e-commerce shopping carts, content management tools, custom programming, and more. A fully-functional demo site is then sent to the client for review and feedback.

4. Site Enhancements & Beta Testing
Design Master continues to work closely with the client to make enhancements to the content layout and site structure. We also engage in extensive beta testing and editing throughout this phase to ensure all functionality is meeting our high level of performances.

5. Final Review
Client completes a final review and approves the website for public launch. Following site launch, Design Master employs the latest search engine optimization techniques to ensure top rankings and performance.

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