Terms and Conditions

At the discretion of DM Group a further agreement or additional terms and conditions may be implemented depending on the particular nature of the works or development as the case may be and as requested by the Customer.

Any order shall only be confirmed upon receipt by DM Group from the Customer or by a signed copy of the order, alternatively if written confirmation is received from the Customer’s e-mail account.

All orders against final quotations shall be subject to a non-refundable 50% deposit paid to DM Group and prior to the commencement of any work or development. Any balance shall be payable to DM Group on completion of the job at hand. Unless other arrangements have been made by the Director of DM Group.

All quotations shall only be valid for 14 days once delivered to the Customer and DM Group reserves the right not to be bound by such quotation after the expiry of the said 14 day period herein mentioned. Additional charges shall be included and imposed in respect to travelling time, additional hours required to complete the work or brief and/or overtime as the case may be. Any increase in material costs shall be added to any quotation agreed upon in terms hereof.

Should you decide to cancel the job after the 50% deposit has been paid we shall retain the funds to cover expenses incurred and no refunds will be made. Should you decide to Cancel after the work has been completed you will be liable for the remainder of the quotation amount on completion.

Printing costs shall include one print for proof reading and acceptance and prior to any production and/or final printing.

Payment Terms
Payment is strictly COD (cash on Delivery) on completion and approval of the work. Credit terms are available with prior written permission granted only by DM Group prior to commencement of the work.

All work, development, designs, intellectual property, briefs or any other such general creations of any nature whatsoever and without exception shall remain the property of DM Group until full payment has been received by DM Group from the Customer.

Open Source Development ownership and licensing subject to the GPL, BSD/APACHE, LGPL or alternatives where applicable. DM Group remains the owner of all Intellectual property and designs to be used and executed for job/project brief only, unless written authorization has been requested and approved by DM Group for any other media and/or use.
In such circumstances DM Group shall have and possess a lien or legal hypothetic over all such wok arising from this Agreement as security against full payment.

Late or non-payment
In the event of the Customer failing to pay any amount that is due or any other charges as stipulated in any quotation or any other such document on due date the Customer shall pay DM Group interest on such overdue amount but unpaid at 2% above prime overdraft rate charged by DM Group’s bankers from time to time which interest shall be reckoned with from the date on which the monies are due to the date of actual payment. Such interest shall be payable on demand.

Neither DM Group nor any of its servants shall be liable for any loss or damage to the Customer or any of its clients whether direct or consequential and howsoever caused arising out of this Agreement.
DM Group shall not be obliged from performing any of its obligations under this Agreement for so long as and to the extent that it is prevented or hindered from doing so by any cause beyond its reasonable control and shall include but not limited to any acts of God, civil disobedience, natural disasters, fire, riots, labour disputes, breakdown of any machinery and/or computers. DM Group shall advise any Customer in writing of any such disturbance as stipulated herein.

Timely Delay
Should the Client for any reason delay the supply of information necessary for completion of the work, as accepted in the quotation, for a period exceeding 60 days, the client will be invoiced in full for work completed to that date.


  • All the above amounts are estimates and only on exact job card request will institute a formal quotation to be sent off for approval.
  • Should there be any requirement for stock images these will be quoted on separately and billed in accordance to an approved quotation.
  • If the requirement of any other specialized scripting is required. That will be quoted separately and sent for approval before proceeding with the scripting
  • Turnaround time for completion of the site is 21 working days from date of deposit.

Should we require external development or the need for specialized developers that has not been quoted in the above quote, those charges will be quoted accordingly once they have been approved, by you the client, we will then invoice.

Our Hosting and domain renewal as our rates are extremely competitive an offer more than most providers as we include, constant backups which are offsite so that your information is always safe, we also do regular updates on security levels. It also includes unlimited Emails, Databases and bandwidth and a 24-hour telephonic and/or email support system.

Should you decide to host with us please be aware that hosting has been provided from the month your site is live up until December this year.
On 15 September this year a new invoice for the hosting and domain will be issued for payment by 15 November  this year which will cover your for the following years hosting (the cost of the .co.za and/or .com domain are reflected therein if applicable).

As we have stringent security measures on our hosting, should you prefer not to host with us then unfortunately DM Group cannot accept any responsibility or liability for security issues if your website is breached and/or if any content is compromised. Furthermore it will not be the responsibility of DM Group to make the working signed off site on our servers work on any other server. We would in the case that you want to host on another server issue you with a disk which has the website and all databases/content required. Should you require assistance from DM Group to make your site work on another server this would be quoted at an additional cost.


  • Price is exclusive of V.A.T. as we are non VAT Vendors
  • Time will be added to hours worked for briefing & traveling time
  • Overtime will be assigned to the job after 8 hours of work on a job in a day
  • Material costs have been included at prices ruling at the time of quotation. Any increases will be for your account.
  • Printing costs include one printout prior to going to print to check colour, layout and text.
  • In paying the deposit you agree to the terms and conditions as stated above.