Ways Your Website Can Help Your Company Grow

Website design is the artistic element of Website Development. Developing an attractive, user-friendly and easily navigated Website is critical to its success once they arrive at your site. For a discussion of what has to happen first see Search Engine Optimization.

Remember when your mother told you to make a good first impression? Research shows you have eight seconds --- or less! --- to make that positive first impression and reassure your visitor they are on a site that will provide the information for which they are looking for.

Usability also comes into play in the Web site design phase. Have you ever been on a Web site and found it difficult to find your way around? Strange little pictures for buttons that didn’t give you a clue what you would find if you clicked on them? We promise you won’t find that kind of “artistic gibberish ” used on your site. Clear and concise text-based navigation is not only easier for your site visitor, it improves search engine ranking as well.

Attract new customers

A search engine friendly Web site will be found at the top of search results by prospects looking for your product or service. These prospects very likely may not have discovered your company any other way.

Educate your prospects

Provide detailed product or service information, FAQ's, and streaming video demonstrations. Computer Based Training, and informative surveys help them experience the features and benefits of doing business with you.

Provide customer service

Do your customers have questions about your products or services? Using a knowledge base allows customers to get the answers they need now - 24 hours a day - making you an integral and valuable resource. Live chat allows you to maximize your customer service reps' efficiency by handling multiple customers at once, with no phone charges.

Close the sale

Customers can read reviews, check inventory levels, calculate shipping charges, order your products and track delivery - freeing up your staff to pursue other revenue generating efforts. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, your Website will be your most consistent sales person.

Prove its worth

Detailed reports will show you how many visitors came to your site, which products they looked at, and calculate your conversion ratio of visitors to sales (for E-commerce sites).