What are the mechanics of your Design Process?

In general, there are eight steps:

  1. Definition Development: You send us your literature, brochures, logos and any other information which will assist in defining your desires, needs and objectives. Many times, our clients provide a very general sketch of the site they have in mind, which is very helpful. This information is the basis for our definition of your particular needs.
  2. Visual Concept Design: We sketch out each page, so the entire site has a common look and feel. This is when we determine how the site will tie together and what graphic elements, buttons and bars will be used.
  3. Content Concept Design: Many clients have already prepared text, they wish to use to deliver their message. Often, the text from existing advertising brochures are quite applicable. Other times, we create the text, based upon the information developed in step number 1. This phase determines what copy will appear on which page.
  4. Development: After you have approved the results of the foregoing steps, we begin to actually build the page or site, including scanning or creating the necessary graphics. The previous steps allow the development process to be very fast and efficient.
  5. Testing: We test each page with special software, to make sure that the HTML is fully compliant with current standards, that all links work correctly and that each page loads within our accepted standard. We then test each page with the major browsers. We also test any scripts, which were created for the page or site.
  6. Delivery, More Testing & Implementation: We upload the completed page or site to the hosting server. We again test each page with the major browsers, including the functioning of any scripts.
  7. Promotion: During step 1, we determined the keywords most applicable to your site and other information, which would help with your site's visibility. During the development process, META tags and descriptions were included in each page, to also facilitate visibility to the search engines, crawlers, robots and spiders. We will now submit you site or page for registration to hundreds of search engines, newsgroups, link listings and directories, and e-mail to you a comprehensive report indicating all the listings we promoted and secured, along with the particulars of the promotion.
  8. Maintenance: Our special web site packages include changes for one year. We will make a changes to the site, not exceeding 1 hour times the number of pages in the package, during the first year. For custom sites, and after our obligation is fulfilled for special package sites, we can provide additional maintenance services on a fixed or variable fee basis.